Winter 25.01.2014

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Linedance- Winter- Party am Samstag, 25. Januar 2014

Liste aller gespielten Tänze.

Ticket To Heaven
Chica Boom Boom
Side By Side
Gambling Man
I Love A Rainy Night
Red Camaro
Something In The Water
You Belong With Me
Irish Stew

Walking Backwards
Splish Splash
Mini Barrel
Rain Against My Window
And You You You
Sumertime Sadness
Skinny Genes
Kiss Me Honey Honey
Hey Brother
Lightning Polka
How About You
Pick A Bale
Mama Maria
Little Red Book
Tush Push
Blue Note
Hi-A-MA Cha
Rock Paper Scissors
Under The Sun
That Man
Stay Stay Stay
Charlston Step

The Fox - spontaner WS - Tanzbeschreibung folgt!
High Fly
No Man's Land
DanceTo The Violines
Running Scared
Canadian Stomp
Start The Car
Wagon Wheel Rock
Cowboy Cha Cha
Chill Factor
Fishers Hornpipe
Half Past Nothin'
Back To Lousiana
I Believe
Alligatot Rock
Black Coffee
50 Ways
Skiffle Time
Dance Again
Bonfire Heart
The Trail
Summer Fly
The Fox
Galway Girls
The Flute
Black Horse

Straight To Memphis
Leaving Of Liverpool
Walking Away
Rhyme Or Reason
Hey Boy
Wild Love
Dr. Wanna Do
Af An Af
Blurred Line
Absolutely Positively
Bust A Move
Bittersweet Memory
Mojo Rhythm
Where We've Been
Wave On Wave

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Workshop - Tanzbeschreibung folgt





Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit