Jubiläum 03.03.2018

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Linedance- Jubiläums - Party am Samstag, 3. März 2018.

Liste der gespielten Tänze:

gelb markiert =  die meist gespielten Tänze der letzten 5 Jahre,
die Zahl davor = wie oft gewünscht in den letzen 5 Jahren

  Lonely Drum
  Bring Down The House
  Havana Cha / Havana Oh Na Na
  Don't Let the Sun Go Down
  No Ordinary Angel
  Ex's And Oh's
  Gypsy Queen
  Perfect / Little Perfect Sister
  Katchi / All Katchi, All Night Long
  Something In The Water
  Blackpool By The Sea
  Wave On Wave
  Come Dance With Me
  Oh Carol
  Raggle Taggle Gypsy O
  White Summer Dress
  Open Heart Cowboy
  Won't Back Away
  Girl Crush
  Boy And A Girl's Thing
  Strip It Down
  Greater Than Me
  Celtic Kitten
  Gerry's Reel
  Baby Belle
  American Kids
11 Under The Sun
11 Summer Fly
11 Skiffle Time
11 Rhyme Or Reason
11 Mama Loo
11 Gambling Man
11 Driven
11 Black Coffee
11 Amame
11 After The Storm
12 We Only Live Once / Good Morning Polka
12 Waggon Wheel Rock
12 Sweet Sweet Smile
12 Raggle Taggle Gypsy O
12 Mini Barrel
12 Hearts & Flowers
12 Galway Girls
13 Wave On Wave
13 Irish Stew
13 Fly High
13 Doctor, Doctor
13 Chill Factor
14 Slippery
16 Something In The Water
16 Side By Side
16 Rock Paper Scissors
16 Dizzy
17 Where We've Been
  Dame Mas
  And Get It On
  Boyfriend Of The Year
  1000 Faces
  Nancy Mulligan
  Golden Wedding Ring
  Run Me Like A River
  Clap Snap
  Dig Your Heels
  Waltz Across Texas
  Broken Heels
  Best Friend
  Corazon Diamante
  Wandering Heart
  Black Horse
  Blue Note
  Down On Your Uppers
  A Brighter Day
  Take Me to The River
  One More Try
  Throwback Love
  Galway Gathering
  Tag On
  Enough Is Enough
  Ain't Misbehavin'
  Muddy Waters
  Shout Shout
  Sunday Finest
  Say It Again
  Over The Line
  Back Again


Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit hPage.com.